We’re working towards our next major release – and have several awesome changes to write about. New is the ability to open a CSV file, a Concordance DAT file, and other delimited based load files without the use of the import wizard.

Just select the delimited file, be it .csv, .dat, or .txt, we’ll detect the encoding, schema, and immediately import all the fields into the document grid.

See this feature in action below:

Animated GIF showing opening DAT file

When you open a delimited load file directly, ReadySuite will enter what we’re calling “Delimited Mode” – and you’ll be able to save changes directly back to the opened file. This includes any fields you edit, run batch update on, and even delete from the project.

See saving changes in action below:

Animated GIF showing saving DAT file

Additionally, in Delimited Mode, we will default the document grid view to only show the fields found in the source CSV/DAT file.