We’re excited to extend ReadySuite import capabilities beyond load files with new, direct platform integration. Our first officially supported platform is Relativity. Using ReadySuite, you’ll be able to export coding and field data from Relativity directly into our document grid. From there you can link coding to your volume and begin production QC steps, or simply select some fields from Relativity, perform data edits in ReadySuite and export a supplemental DAT to send to your client.

ReadySuite has a lot of varying uses but a common feature shared among our law firm, service provider, consultant and government clients are to use ReadySuite to enable the QC and inspection of document productions. With the ability to directly import coding from Relativity, such as Responsiveness, Privilege, Confidentiality, and Redactions, our users, such as lawyers, can easily verify the data they are producing correctly matches their reviewed set of documents.

See the Relativity feature in action below:

Relativity field import

Connecting to Relativity, we support saving the URLs and credentials for multiple Relativity instances. A lot of our clients connect to more than one instance, and we want to make it easy to pick the instance and sign-in easily.

Relativity credentials

The list of Relativity workspaces will be populated with the workspace name and client. The list is sortable and filterable, so if you have a large list of workspaces, you can find it with ease.

Relativity workspaces

Initially, we’re supporting importing document fields into ReadySuite by selecting a saved search from Relativity. We know you have a ton of saved searches in your cases. With that in mind, we’ve made the list sortable, filterable, and provided the name of the search with the time it was last modified.

Relativity saved search selection

Finding the fields to import can be tedious. Sometimes the saved search doesn’t have all the fields you expect. In the past, you might’ve exported a Concordance DAT from Relativity, loaded it into ReadySuite, only to realize you were missing the Issues field. With that in mind, we’ve added field sets to our field chooser. You can view all Relativity fields or limit the scope to the fields within your saved search.

Relativity field selection

We’re targeting support for Relativity 9.5 and 9.6 when we release our next major update. If you’d like to help test integration with your environment, please e-mail justin@compiled.com to get started.

We’re excited to talk about more awesome features coming soon, including scripting, next week. Stay tuned.