In our latest release, we introduced several new features, including the ability to check your resources and adjust the paths for your imported batches. These features were always available – but, only during the import process. Now, we’ve introduced a wizard so you can re-run the process, across all your imports. Further, we’ve added the ability to detect color or blank pages in your image sets. And finally, you can now detect which of your PDF documents have searchable text and which ones don’t.

Check Document Resources Wizard

The above screenshot shows the new ‘Check Document Resources’ wizard, which allows you to choose one or more options to run against your documents. Warnings will be presented in the warning log – and other details, such as which documents have color or blank pages, will be available in the document grid.

In the event that you’ve imported a large set of documents, comprising of images, native and text files, and you need to adjust your root paths or change drive letters, we’ve added the new ‘Batch Manager’.

Batch Manager

As you’ll see, here you can change the properties of any imported batch after the import process.