We’re excited to release new features, enhancements, and fixes to ReadySuite – our specialized bundle of utilities for handling various documents and imaging tasks.

Features include a new ‘Check Resources’ wizard, which allows you to re-check the integrity of your documents after the import process. In addition, you can identify the pages in a document that are color or blank using our sophisticated object detection algorithm. Also, we added the ability to detect text in PDF documents, useful for determining files that may need to be OCRed.

Further, we’ve added the ability to export text along with your images using the ‘Export Documents’ wizard. Various options will allow you to roll single-page text to multi-page, word wrap lines at a specified column, force output file encoding to ASCII or UTF-8, and create placeholder text files for documents with no text.

Highlighted on our development blog are some changes we’ve made to the delimited text import process. Next week, we’ll post more updates outlining other important changes made, including the new ‘Batch Manager’, for updating paths of documents already imported.

Our pricing structure has also slightly changed – which primarily affects those using the functionality provided in ReadyConvert. We will now be pricing ReadyConvert with our standard support package at $79.95. If you’d like to upgrade to ReadySuite, you can purchase the entire package at $499.95 with our standard support package or for $579.95 with our priority support package.

To learn about other features provided in ReadySuite, follow our product page. Additionally, you may get started with ReadySuite by downloading our 14-day trial or by contacting our sales staff.