Some of the ways we look to improve ReadySuite is by offering our users ‘less-clicks’ to features. For example, since ReadySuite 3.0 we’ve had the ability to filter documents in the grid by a drop-down menu (similar to Excel). Using this feature allows user to select one, or multiple, criteria to filter on in a given column.

Excel Like Filtering

Additionally, each column has a more advanced ‘Custom Filter’ dialog which allows filter criteria such as less than, greater than, regular expressions and more. Given this, we wanted to make it even easier to filter on a particular column (and any value) by just right-clicking a cell.

Grid Right-Click Menu

In the above screenshot, you’ll see the new grid context-menu. Clicking ‘Filter by Selection’, you can add a filter to the column for that cell’s value. ‘Filter Excluding Selection’ will filter out that cell’s value from the column. ‘Remove Last Filter’ acts as an undo – so you can quickly get rid of the last applied filter. And then you can remove all the filters from the grid with ‘Remove All Filters’.

This feature (along with many others) will be a part of ReadySuite v4.1 – which will be available in February.