We have a lot of awesome new features still coming your way in ReadySuite v4.1. One of the more important changes we’ve made is the ability to handle much larger data imports thru both an increase in performance and a decrease in overall memory consumption.


In the above test, we imported a Concordance delimited DAT file containing over 20 fields with various data types. The import consisted of just a little over 400,000 records at 145 MB. Running the import in the older version (ReadySuite v4.0) – took approximately 4 minutes and 15 seconds to complete. With the improvements we made in ReadySuite v4.1, the same import took just 1 minute and 14 seconds. Overall, that’s a 350% boost in performance and a 55% reduction in memory usage.

As a result, ReadySuite and ReadyConvert can now handle much larger imports, from bigger load files to bigger metadata and delimited text files. During our testing, we were able to successfully import just a little over 1.3 million records running the x86 version of ReadySuite v4.1. While running the application in 64-bit mode, we’re able to scale even more – and being able to address much more memory space – we can handle well over 5 million records.

With more data being imported into ReadySuite, certain areas of the application would hang or give little progress on actions going on behind the scenes. We’ve addressed this by 1) speeding up actions that took a long time to complete and 2) added progress dialogs to give you an indication that a task is still running. For example, the ‘Check Range’ process on the grid might have taken several minutes to complete in the older version with a lot of data imported. Now, that process takes just a few seconds to complete.

We hope you’ll like these improvements as much as we do. Our goal is to release ReadySuite v4.1 this week, so we’ll be highlighting some of the major improvements here as the week goes on.