Our amazing team has been hard at work on ReadySuite 7. And one of the most exciting updates we are introducing is a feature called Script Packs. Script Packs are designed to do two things 1) provide the ability to run multiple scripts together and 2) save the selection of scripts, and their options, to a profile to be used again.

Let’s get started showing this in action below:

In the above project, we put together a small data set to show how you can run a set of scripts all at once. For this example, we are running Merge Field Choices, Propagate Choices by Family Level, and Remove Choice from Choices.

For Merge Field Choices, we are merging the fields: From, Sent To, CC, BCC into a single, destination field, named All Recipients.

For Propagate Choices by Family Level, we are propagating the values in From, Sent To, CC, BCC fields to new fields, respectively named Propagated – From, Propagated – Sent To, Propagated – CC, and Propagated – BCC.

For Remove Choice from Choices script, we are removing the choice value of “Justin” from the new choice field, All Recipients, which was generated in the first script we ran.

After the script is ran, notice how “Justin” remains in the created Propagated fields but is removed from the created All Recipients field.

We designed Script Packs to allow scripts, and the data created or updated by the selected scripts, to become immediately available to the next script in the pack.

You could, by example, run the script Hash Fields and immediately use the hash value generated by that script with a second script, such as Find Duplicate Documents, and easily get the results of the de-duplication.

It’s also incredibly easy to save and re-launch a script pack:

Once you’ve setup your script pack, and optionally provided a set of options for the pack, you can save the pack to a file to access later or share with a colleague.

We hope you like this feature as much as we do. We’re already planning several ways to build around it, too.