In our update yesterday, we introduced the Scriptable Fields feature coming to ReadySuite 7. But the groundwork for this started with the need to implement Dynamic Field types. Dynamic Fields, unlike existing Data Fields in ReadySuite, can reference other fields, and even separate documents, while outputting data values which are updated automatically when a document is changed or modified.

So, we’ve included the Script Field type as a dynamic field, but are also introducing the Group Field, Date Field, and Static Field as additional, dynamic types. These dynamic types can be added to a project directly from the Field Setup menu.

Let’s see these in action below:

In the above project and DAT file, we’ve added all 3 of the new types. A dynamic date field, which can combine both a Date and Time field using, with a different display format. A grouped field, combining the To and CC fields into a Recipients field. And a static field, which can output the same value for all documents loaded. Even with these dynamic types built-in to ReadySuite – users can also create a script field, which can implement the same or similar results with custom logic.