Lots of new features and changes are coming to the next ReadySuite release (v4.2) – and we’re actively working on some last minute features, incorporating user feedback and finishing our testing process. With that, we’d like to highlight some new features and changes we’ve made to the image viewer in ReadySuite.

First up, we added a toolbar, status bar and refined the context menu to the image viewer. We found it important to keep relevant functions with the image viewer (as opposed to the main ribbon) – since it’s not uncommon to undock the viewer from the main interface. You’ll be able to hide both the toolbar and status bar to increase screen real estate, if needed. The toolbar will include save, print, zoom, and edit functionality. The status bar will indicate the document’s page number and identifier (customizable) along with the current editing mode.

Image Viewer - Panel

You can now save the current page or document to a new image file (and change its format) from the toolbar. This is great when dealing with single-page images and you need to quickly save a few documents to PDF format, for example. Along with this option, you can print the current page or document as well – without having to go thru the ‘Batch Printing’ wizard. Again, this is perfect for when you just need to quickly print a couple of documents.

Zooming in and out of a document’s image has also been streamlined. You can use your mouse-wheel, keyboard shortcuts, the right-click context menu, or buttons in either the toolbar and status bar to zoom in and out of a document. We’ve also made more prominent the ‘Best Fit’, ‘Fit to Width’, ‘Fit to Height’ and ‘Full Size’ buttons for automatically handling an image’s zoom. Finally, we now remember your preferred zoom method when you close and re-open ReadySuite.

Image Viewer - Right Click Context Menu

When it comes to editing images, we’ve added several abilities – including image cleanup, rotation, and redaction options. For cleaning up document images, you’ll be able to deskew, despeckle, remove hole-punches, and remove black borders. Rotating an image to the left -90 degrees or to the right 90 degrees is now possible. For redacting documents, you’re able to setup a default redaction profile when adding redactions to images. Each redaction added can still have its own unique settings. We’ve added options to add text to redactions (or no text), adjust the font (style, size, color), and change the background color. Once you’re satisfied with the redactions on an image, you can then “burn-in” the changes to make the redaction permanent.

Image Viewer - Redaction Options

To speed up editing images, change the image viewer’s edit-mode. You can set the viewer to read-only, prompt to save changes, or auto-save changes. If you set the viewer to auto-save, when you navigate away from a page, those changes will be applied to the underlying file automatically.

Image Viewer - Auto-Save Mode

Since our image viewer supports displaying most common image formats (BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, and TIF) – we also support editing these formats directly. Basically, it doesn’t matter if your document contains single-page images or multi-page images, or if it’s in PDF or TIF format, you’ll still be able to save changes to the original format/file.

We’re excited about sharing other new features and changes in the next version of ReadySuite, so check back here often to follow our progress.