We’ve hit some exciting times with our overall focus and direction of ReadySuite. We’re seeing more and more law firms and service providers alike integrating ReadySuite into their quality control and production workflow.

Originally designed as a way for litigation support professionals to convert, validate and handle the nuances of load files, ReadySuite is now being used by attorneys, paralegals and support staff to double and triple check their productions before they go out the door. When opposing counsel sends a production, it’s first passed thru ReadySuite to make sure everything is inline. Service providers are running their deliverables thru ReadySuite at both the processing and production stages of the EDRM model. It’s a great way to quickly validate workflow processes in an industry lacking in true convergence.

ReadySuite makes quality control convenient. We don’t tell our users the application is easy to use, they tell us. No setup, no servers, and no databases make integrating ReadySuite into your workflow fast and seamless.

But we want to make things even easier. Which is why we’re looking at integrating with some of the popular review databases out there. When our users check their production deliverables, they match it against coding including responsiveness, confidentiality, redactions and issues/tags. We want them to be able to import this data directly from the database – without generating an external report. Leveraging ReadySuite as the driver creating a document production? That’s on the table as well.

We’re also looking for feedback – how do you want us to further integrate ReadySuite along the EDRM model? What are the most important review and processing platforms out there? Let us know in the comments or e-mail me directly at justin@compiled.com.