Richmond, VA – February 22, 2012 – Compiled Services, the developers of litigation support and e-discovery software ReadySuite, today announced the release of version 4.1 of the software, which includes upgrades to support larger data sets, importing and exporting Ringtail load files and new features to improve printing and blowback of documents.

ReadySuite is a bundled suite of specialized litigation software for handling various document related tasks. The software includes modules for reviewing, validating, merging, and manipulating load files, converting among multiple image formats such as TIFF and PDF, applying or removing endorsements from image sets, generating searchable text and PDF files using OCR, and batch printing image sets to high capacity printers.

ReadySuite now can easily support millions of records with improved import times and reduced memory consumption. As an example, a recent Concordance import containing 400,000 records took over four minutes to import using the previous version of ReadySuite. Using ReadySuite, the same import took just over one minute, with a 55 percent reduction in memory usage.

By supporting the Ringtail format, ReadySuite now gives users the ability to perform all document-related tasks on data stemming from Ringtail files. Although Ringtail relies on an Access database, by using the new version of ReadySuite, users will not be required to have Access installed on their systems. ReadySuite also supports load files from Concordance, Summation, Trial Director, IPRO and those complying with EDRM XML standards.

The new print and blowback features of ReadySuite include saving and loading print profiles, printing color pages to a separate printer, and trimming and adding bates numbers to pages on-the-fly. ReadySuite is the only tool that lets users print directly from load files and image folders without a complicated setup process.

“ReadySuite has been carefully developed to improve the litigation support process,” said Justin Blessing, lead software engineer at Compiled Services. “These improvements will help litigation support professionals and e-discovery vendors become more efficient and provide better quality output for their important projects.”

A one-year subscription of ReadySuite can be purchased for $1,179.95 here. A free 14-day trial of ReadySuite can be downloaded here.