ReadySuite v4.1 is now available for download, with over 50 changes since ReadySuite was last released on December 12, 2011. Below is a breakdown of the new features and fixes.

New Features:
Significantly improved application performance and memory usage
Added Ringtail import and export support
Added option to specify encoding when importing certain load files
Added custom columns and column chooser to family grid panel
Added ‘Network Floating’ license option
Added ‘Skip All’ and ‘Repeat All’ to the Delimited Text Import Wizard
Added column ‘ID’ to grid to identify document import order
Added new columns to the grid, including ‘FILESIZE’, ‘NUMATTACH’
Added context menu for columns: Batch Update, Filter Field, Tally Field, Hide Field, Hide All Fields, Field Chooser
Added several help-icon context tooltip items in various Wizards
Added option to force grid refresh
Added fixed rows option to keep specific rows at the top of the grid
Added fixed filter row option to grid for handling filtering columns
Added option to export ‘TEXT CONTENTS’ into DAT file with specified newline character
Added ‘Tally Fields’ dialog for tallying the values in custom fields
Added option to batch update on special field types, including Date fields
Added error/warning output to ‘Batch Update’ dialog when necessary
Added ‘Control List’ export option in ‘Export Documents’ wizard
Added ability to import delimited text files with duplicate field names
Added option to trim and clean-up image files in ‘Export Documents’ wizard
Added print option to skip printing cover sheet when folder sheet is printed
Added new right-click cell options in grid: Filter by Selection, Filter Excluding Selection, Remove Last Filter
Added right-click menu for grid cell icon of file types to open directory
Added options to standardize images, including width/height, with centering and scaling
Added print delay for separator sheets in Print wizard
Added ability to detect and print color pages to separate printer
Added detailed print log output of all print items and printer settings
Added profiles for saving/loading printing settings
Added option to limit the maximum number of pages printed
Added option to reduce color/grayscale images to black & white before printing
Added ‘Print Controls’ area for testing, starting/pausing, and restarting the print process
Added new ‘Color Replacement Sheet’ when printing color pages to separate printer
Added ability to trim and endorse documents on-the-fly while printing
Added several new user preferences to the ‘Preferences’ dialog
Added ability to turn off auto-field detection when importing
Added option to stamp images to document pages along with text for endorsements

Important Changes:
Improved application responsiveness when handling long tasks
Improved family grid panel display with separator between parent/children
Improved EDRM check against schema with progress and verbose errors
Improved error messages for OCR when resources are invalid and/or 64-bit process
Improved application keyboard shortcuts
Improved tooltip pop-up time delays
Improved ‘Batch Update’ to refresh grid immediately after each update
Improved ‘Event Log’ to allow copying of data to Excel
Improved error handling when importing IPRO LFP load files
Improved ‘Delimited Text’ preview UI responsiveness
Improved ‘Check Ranges’ dialog actions
Improved preview portion of load file export when handling large exports
Improved error handling when configuration file is corrupt
Improved installation process and viewing of previous license files
Improved separator sheet designers in the ‘Print Documents’ wizard
Fixed issue where certain Summation token values did not reset when token was missing
Fixed custom filename output naming for OCR wizards
Fixed issue when linking to existing documents would duplicate Page reference
Fixed notification of more than one ‘DocLink’ fields when field is set to ‘Skip’
Fixed crash in find/replace dialog
Fixed issue with ChildDocID when exporting EDRM XML
Fixed order of columns in CSV output when exporting Document/Page reports
Fixed duplicative data appearing in ‘Source’ column on grid
Fixed issue where batch update would apply an insert instead of an append
Fixed issue where grid checkbox cell would jump cells with arrow keys
Fixed drag/drop handling to prevent action when a process is running
Fixed issue with dashes in field names during import process
Fixed handling of RSP file associations for project files