Many users of our ReadyConvert and ReadyPrint products have asked for new ways to work with their existing image sets. We’ve built an incredible base product handling multiple image formats and load files. Now, we are extending that functionality to include features that will allow the user to endorse, redact, recognize (OCR), renumber, and create new image sets. Over the next several weeks, we will be highlighting these changes in a multi-part series to our development blog.

We’ll kick start the series by introducing the new endorsing options. With documents imported from load files or folders, you’ll now be allowed to apply a wide array of endorsements to those images. Endorsements can vary by font, size, orientation and color. You may apply bates numbers, page numbers, metadata fields and any custom text you can think of.

Endorse Wizard

We give you nine quadrants to choose from when adding endorsements. You may use one or all of these areas during a unique session. Each quadrant allows you to specify the font, color, alignment and orientation of the endorsement. For consistency, you may synchronize the settings among all the quadrants.

Endorse Options 1

Endorse Options 2

Endorse Options 3

As you can see above, you can use different font settings in each quadrant. Additionally, you can use the grid to select different quadrants. The active quadrant is displayed in blue, gray indicates an endorsement exists and white indicates nothing will be applied to that area.

With a built-in spell checker, we will check behind you as you type. Don’t worry about those annoying typos, because you can see those misspelled words underlined with the familiar red ‘squiggly’ line.

Endorse Spell Check

We’ll be discussing more of the endorsing options in our next blog post. Additionally, we are looking for a few users who would like to be a part of our test team and provide us with feedback on our progress.

If you’re interested in joining our test team, contact Justin Blessing and provide a little background information on your firm and your computer environment.