Last week, we introduced the new endorsing functionality in Part 1 of our Introduction to ReadySuite. We’ve already highlighted the different endorsement areas, font settings, custom messages and spell checking. Next, we’re going to continue where we left off and go over a few more endorsement features.

Have you ever endorsed a set of images only to realize after the fact your settings don’t seem quite right? You may not have added the legend stamp in the right location or the formatting isn’t what the client is expecting. Whatever the issue might be, you’ll be able to preview your settings before you start the endorsement process.

Endorse Preview

Shown above, we’ve added “DRAFT” to the center of the image in red. Using the preview window, we’re able to see how this would be applied to the image. You can preview any page or document using the provided navigation controls. Additionally, you can zoom in or out on parts of the image.

As illustrated in the preview window, endorsements can be angled. We provide options for horizontal, vertical, clockwise and counter-clockwise orientations. Each endorsements orientation is unique to its quadrant, allowing for different variations.

Endorse Orientation

Other functionality included will allow you to apply endorsements to the first page of each document, or only even pages or odd pages. You’ll also be able to apply the endorsements to only portrait or landscape pages. These options are shown below.

Endorse Filter

In part 3 of our series, we’ll be discussing the batch redacting and cropping options. In addition, if you’re interested in joining our test team, contact Justin Blessing and provide a little background on your firm and your computer environment.