ReadySuite 7.5.2 is released and now available to download. We recommend all customers using previous versions update to this release to benefit from new major features, performance improvements, and increased stability.

For our existing customers, with an active subscription to ReadySuite, you can upgrade to ReadySuite 7.5.2 for free as part of your subscription.

We have made several enhancements and features as outlined below. To see a full list of changes in ReadySuite v7.5.2, view the entire release notes here.

Let’s dive into the highlights of this release:

Mange Views

We’ve introduced a new feature for managing column views and field sets in this release. Using the Manage Views dialog, you’ll be able to adjust the fields shown in the ‘Fields Panel’ and existing field sets shown on the Document Grid. Use this view to add or remove existing views – which will persist across ReadySuite sessions.

Fields Panel

In the Fields Panel, we’ve introduced a new field layout selection option. Combined with Manage Views, you’ll be able to easily select the list of fields shown in the Field Panel.

Text Viewer

The text viewer now has an ‘Auto-detect’ option for text encoding when opening a text file. Additionally, an option was added to replace ‘®’ symbol characters with line breaks in the viewer.

Field Map

The standard field map control in ReadySuite, used when importing or export load files, includes a new ‘Hide used fields’ toggle. Enabled by default (matching previous behavior of ReadySuite); turning the option off will allow you to use a field on export more than once.