ReadySuite 7.6.0 is released and now available to download. We recommend all customers using previous versions update to this release to benefit from new major features, performance improvements, and increased stability.

For our existing customers, with an active subscription to ReadySuite, you can upgrade to ReadySuite 7.6.0 for free as part of your subscription.

We have made several enhancements and features as outlined below. To see a full list of changes in ReadySuite v7.6.0, view the entire release notes here.

Let’s dive into the highlights of this release:

Update: ReadySuite

A hotfix was released for ReadySuite v7.6.0.13 that addresses a potential issue with slower performance of the Document Grid. Update to this version if you experience an unusual amount of lag using the grid.

Nebula Platform Integration

We’re super excited to introduce a new integration with the Nebula eDiscovery platform! Our initial integration with Nebula allows you to retrieve coding and field metadata directly from Nebula. Ideal for those Production QC scenarios, or when you need to generate load files and/or perform advanced data manipulation for overlays in Nebula or other tools.

Check out the Nebula integration below:

Production with coding overlay from Nebula

In the above example, using ReadySuite we are opening a production volume, automatically running QC and validation steps, and then connecting directly to Nebula to pull in coding fields (e.g. Responsiveness, Privilege, Markups, Confidentiality) to assist our production QC workflow.

Grid ‘Convert To…’ Menu

In the Document Grid, we’ve expanded the list of options under the ‘Convert To…’ column menu. You can now right-click any column header and attempt to convert the field data type to a new data type. In the example below, we can convert a Text field to a Boolean field and back to a Text field. If the data type conversion is not successful, the field will remain at the original data type.

Grid ‘Does not begin with’ Filter

A new filter option was added to the grid filter row for ‘Does Not Begin With’.

Chat/RSMF Batch Import

We now support batch importing chat message files from the Relativity Short Message File (RSMF). Using our ‘Batch Import’ tool, select the Chat/RSMF load file type. You can import a single folder of RSMF files (including subfolders) – there is no limit on the number of files for import.

Using this new batch import feature, you can easily extract specific metadata from RSMF files, such as participants, generate an overlay file from RSMF or convert RSMF files to Concordance DAT files.

Note: Attachment file extraction from RSMF files is not currently supported.

Chat/RSMF Field Map

We’ve introduced a new field map option when opening Relativity Short Message Files (RSMF) – on both the ‘Import Load File’ and ‘Batch Import’ selections. A list of fields available to import from the RSMF file will be shown on the left side of the field map – and new destination field names into ReadySuite can be specified.

What’s New Dialog

We added a “What’s New” dialog to highlight improvements and changes after upgrading from a previous ReadySuite version.

Field List Sorting

Wherever the field map appears – we’ve made it easier to find the fields you’re looking with new sorting options. You can easily sort the field list in the original order (e.g. how it appears in the load file), ascending by field name, or descending by field name.

Note that you can continue to easily filter the list of fields using “CTRL + F” to open the filter pane.

Encoding Selection

When you select an encoding that is not compatible with the output load file, new warnings will appear so you can select a new encoding or more compatible load file settings. Additionally, when previewing a load file in the preview window, the selected output encoding will now be used in the preview screen.

Script Library

We’ve modified scripts for Merge Date Fields and Split Date Fields to use generic field names instead of specific field names going forward.

Please note this is a breaking change for any profiles and/or script packs using these two scripts.

Script API

We’ve introduced several new properties to the PageItem class in the script library – these new properties are:

Width, Height, Resolution, BitDepth, Color, Blank, PixelFormat, TiffCompression