We’re excited to officially release a new major update to ReadySuite, version 6.0. We’re packing a lot of new features, changes and fixes in this update. The full list of changes and release notes is available on our help site here. By the numbers, we’ve made 476 commits to our code base, fixed 64 known bugs, and added 119 changes / features to improve functionality.

We’ve already documented a few of those highlights, such as:

There’s still more to talk about – keep checking back this week as we’ll be highlighting more of the changes in-depth here.

If you’d like to get a demo of ReadySuite and an overview of the changes, reach out to sales@compiled.com and we’ll happily setup a screen-share.

For existing customers, in preparing to upgrade to ReadySuite v6, please reach out to support@compiled.com to receive a new license key. Because of changes made in our licensing file structure, we can’t use the same license keys as prior versions.